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What Is Hemp Clothing? Know All The Benefits

Hemp clothing is made from a fabric, which is a sustainable textile made from cannabis Sativa fibers.

Cannabis sativa is a high-yielding crop. Historically, it was primarily used for industrial purposes – such as sails and rope.

Hemp is likewise known as durable and versatile natural fibers. The natural fibers and tensile strength of hemp make it a perfect choice for everyday use.

It has a rough tendency and most companies design hemp fabric with a mixture of organic cotton and hemp, which allows you to feel the softness and this is something you would expect from clothing, linens, and kitchen towels.

What is hemp clothing? Read this article to discover why Hemp is the key to the future!

What is Hemp?

Hemp – also known as industrial hemp – is the cannabis Sativa strain, which is grown for most industrial products.

Hemp is one of the fastest-growing herbs.


It was among the first plants that people used to spin and make usable fiber for over 10,000 years.

Hemp fiber is used extensively for many centuries – with production climaxing after being introduced to the modern world.

Items ranging from fabrics, rope, to other industrial materials were made from the fiber of hemp.


It was also commonly used for the manufacturing of sail canvas.

The term canvas is derived from cannabis. In addition, pure hemp has textures similar to linens.

Due to its versatility for use in a wide range of products, hemp is used many consumer goods such as shoes, clothing, accessories, homewares, and dog collars.

What is hemp clothing? It is clothing made from hemp.



Different uses of Hemp

Companies use hemp to make a wide range of industrial and commercial products such as clothing, textiles, rope, food, paper, shoes, bioplastic, biofuel, and insulation.


Companies also use fiber to make textiles, which is 100% hemp. More interestingly, hemp is mixed with other fibers like cotton, silk, and flax.

It is also mixed with recycled polyester in order to make woven fabrics for furnishings and apparel. This may be one answer to the question – what is hemp clothing?

The plant’s inner two fibers are woodier, which typically have many industrial applications like animal bedding, litter, and mulch.

Moreover, the oxidation of hemp oil causes its seeds to become solid, which is used in manufacturing plant-based paints, moisturizing agents, and creams.

Thus, it has a wide range of applications in both the cooking and plastic industries.

The seeds of hemp have been used in the bird feed mix.



A recent survey shows that over 95% of hemp seed sold in the United State was used in bird and animal feed.

Furthermore, people can eat hemp seeds in raw form.

It is also used in hemp meal – made or sprouted into dried sprout powder.

The seeds can also be used to make a liquid, beverages, and baking such as tisanes and hemp milk.

The cold-press process is carried out to make hemp oil, which is high in unsaturated fatty acids.



Benefits of making clothes from hemp

What is hemp clothing? Hemp is an eco-friendly crop and requires little water and needs no pesticides.


Clothing made from hemp is absorbent and lightweight – with more tensile cotton strength.

People value this strong, durable, and long-lasting plant.

Hemp is an outstanding material for outdoor wear because it is UV and mold-resistant.

Companies can blend hemp with other fibers for a wide variety of qualities in the garment.

Silk/Hemp and Cotton/hemp garments are available for additional comfort.

Hemp fiber is a strong and durable natural textile fiber.

It has a porous nature and is more water-absorbent.

Thus, the porous nature allows this fabric to breathe – allowing it to be cool in the warm weather.


Hemp is a strong material and it holds shape and stretches less than other types of natural fiber preventing hemp garments from becoming distorted and stretching out with use.

Hemp is likewise durable and its style and comfort are second to none.

The use of hemp makes it softer. Hemp likewise does not wear out but it wears in.

Hemp is natural material and it is resistant to UV light and mold.



Health benefits of hemp clothing

Because of the porous nature of the hemp fiber, this material absorbs water rapidly.


It also dyes and retains its color in a better manner than other types of fabric material such as cotton.

The porous nature of this material allows it to breathe allowing it to remain cool in the hotter weather.

So, you won’t feel hot in the summer season. Hemp clothing can do some amazing things.

One of the most outstanding things about hemp clothing is that it fights significantly with the growth as well as the spread of bacteria.


Infection is a serious issue in the United States. Everyone needs to fight infections – particularly, hemp is used for all fabrics in care centers and hospitals.

Its environmental friendly tendency and antibacterial qualities, as well as its apparent health advantages, make the hemp clothing highly beneficial for your body and the envireonment.

The high content of 80% insoluble and 20% soluble fiber allows your clothes to allow oxygen to enter your skin pores.


What I like about wearing hemp clothing

I like hemp clothing because it is naturally antibacterial and these clothes also pass the sniff test.

It likewise absorbs and releases quickly perspiration and breathes well. It also dyes in an easy way and retains its color well.


Another thing I like about hemp clothing is that it is very durable and holds up to a number of repeated washings.

It does not need any type of dry cleaning and is highly resistant to mildew and mold.



What I don’t like about wearing hemp clothing

The only thing I don’t like about hemp clothing is that it wrinkles easily, like linen.


Likewise, like linen, it can be sometimes scratchy. This is because hemp is a strong and durable material that will last longer than clothing made from other fabrics.

Therefore, experts say that hemp blended with other natural fabrics to give it a softer feel.

Hemp is also not color-fast so its color is sometimes not rich.



The pros of hemp clothing supersede its small number of cons.

So, for me, it is one of the most durable and strongest of all-natural fibers. It is likewise highly resistant to UV light and mold.

The porous nature of hemp allows it to absorb water readily and it will dye as well as retain its color than many other natural fibers like cotton.

So, it is a better choice if you want to wear clothes made up of natural material, which is beneficial for your health as well as the environment.



A Few Final Thoughts

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  1. Great post. I have often looked at hemp clothing. I like that it a natural product. I wear linen and cotton and they too wrinkle but you get used to it and feel is so nice. I will be looking at more clothing and at linens for more home, made from hemp. Great Job.

    1. I am glad you like it and are already enjoying the benefits of natural materials like linen and cotton. You are right, people do get used to wearing clothes that are more likely to wrinkle. Good luck with your search. If you would like to read a review of my #1 recommendation for hemp clothing, please click here.

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for this great article, I didn’t know that hemp had so many uses.

    I saw quite a few hemp clothes on sale this year, which I haven’t noticed before.

    I live in Spain, and I had no idea that these clothes helped to keep you cool.

    It’s winter time here now, but I’ll be buying a few of the lovely hemp dresses I saw .

    You’re right about hemp holding dye very well, all the clothes on sale were great colours!

    best wishes,


  3. Wow, I enjoyed learning more about hemp. Hemp has more uses than I thought it did.

    I liked your thoughts on hemp clothing. It’s good to know what you think about- it makes me more knowledgable on hemp.

    Thanks again for the great read!

  4. I have always been an advocate for hemp products. Your website is very informative and clear in its view.

    Keep up the good work. I like what your doing.

  5. Hi,

    Very informative; I had no idea they made clothes from hemp.
    I used to collect knives, and one of the tests of its sharpness was to completely sever a 3″ free-hanging manila-hemp rope…so, I figured it must be pretty strong.
    Also, didn’t know about the bacteriostatic properties.



    1. I absolutely love learning new information. What you say is so interesting too. I had no idea hemp was used for testing the effectiveness of knives, but now that you have said it, that makes sense because it is such a strong material. Thank you for stopping by, I am pleased you enjoyed it.

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