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Top 10 Skin Care Lines – Natural Ingredients Are The Best

Naked + Thriving

Naked and thriving provides you with the best skincare oils for a glowing, fresh and youthful skin. Your skin is what you put into it.

Naked and thriving is known for its naked ingredients which means they are natural, organic, fair trade and locally sourced ingredients.


Its different products like detox balance facial oil, prevent anti-aging facial oil, rejuvenate restorative facial oil, and revitalize nourishing body oil helps you getting the perfect skin.

Drop 5-7 drops on the palm of your hand, rub it and apply it to your face and neck. Naked and thriving use 100% botanical plants that help you get healthier, glowing youthful skin.

Aurelia Essential Oils

Been in the market for 20 years Aurelia essential oils are high grade, pure and GLC (gas-liquid chromatography ) shows they rate above classical profile.


Aurelia uses the best natural raw ingredients called singletons searched under the best natural conditions. It offers different types of essentials oils blends for hair, skin, the new age, stress, anxiety, allergies, and digestion.

Even though their biggest clientele is healing professionals, their oils smell good and have life-changing effects.


Laguna Herbals

Laguna Herbals was formed for the research and production of a safe and effective health and wellness products.


The products were built using the highest quality natural and organic ingredients.

All the products are formulated by a team of herbalists which are plant or mineral-based and don’t have any harmful chemicals.


Alpine Provisions

Alpine provisions were built for people to easily get affordable, long-lasting organic products. Also, they wanted for the coming generation to have a chance to know and love nature by providing them with true natural experiences.

Alpine’s products are created with the world’s best and long-lasting ingredients that are scented with exceptional oils and flowers the mountains have.


Their products like Castile Body Wash, Deodorant, Lip Balm, and many more are filled with skin-loving organic Oils like Olive Oil and Coconut Oil. They are scented with some of the best aromatherapy blends.

On top of all of this, the company is partnered with Colorado Outward Bound School, with the intention of providing scholarships to young adults for an outdoor leadership program. It is a three-week course located in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Utah, Alaska, and Wyoming.



Just Natural Skin Care

Just Natural has an impressive list of many many natural and healthy products for skincare, haircare, tanning, problems/solutions, and even pet care.

Beautiful hair and skincare products are not something that’s just made in the laboratory, They are cultivated lovingly and carefully from the earth using nutritive ingredients.


Just Naturals don’t use any animals or any kind of animal testing instead use pure plant oils, botanical extracts, and essentials from the best that nature has to offer.

Their skincare products provide natural nutrients to your skin, making it super healthy and light-weighted not heavy.

Almost all the products nowadays have toxic chemicals in them. Just Naturals use ingredients that are rich in minerals, vitamins, proteins, essentials fatty acids many other natural nutrients like enzymes and amino acids which transform their product into extraordinary.


True Natural

True Natural skincare line provides you with toxic chemical-free products that can be harmful to your skin.

Considering how most of the products have at least 168 different chemicals in them, True Naturals have most of their products certified from BDIH, NATRUE, Natural Products Association, and Vegan Society which are some of the organizations that certify natural products.


Their range of organic skincare products come from some of the best organic brands that have the purest and highest content of organic ingredients in them.

Different products like cleansers, toners, moisturizers, eye creams, skincare treatments, organic masks, everything is made from high-class natural ingredients that keep skin fresh and glowing.




Teadora beauty creates its products from the combinations of most wildly potent, naturally derived active ingredients from the rainforest of Amazon and beyond to deliver products that are effective, multi-functional, luxurious and affordable.


Their products are 100% vegan, toxin-free, cruelty-free, sustainably harvested, gluten-free and synthetic fragrance-free.

Their every product has to nourish and revitalizing elixirs property in them. The unique blends of Brazilian superfruits in them brighten, hydrate, restore and revitalize the skin.

Ayva Naturals

The goal of Ayva Natural was to help women to have healthy and heavy hair all around the world.

After years of research, they have developed best hair growth formulas and serums for you to grow thick and healthier hair with improved shine, firmness, and volume.


Ayva provides you with a guarantee of returning the money within thirty days of purchasing if you don’t want to continue. The hair growth formulas and oils are produced in GMP and FDA certified facilities.




Launched in 2011 Xlash Cosmetics are known for their groundbreaking Eye to Lash growth serum that helps you grow your eyelashes faster letting you get rid of the need for extensions or false lashes.


Xlash Cosmetics have different products like mascara, eyelash serum, eyebrow serum, and serum. They offer products that help you enhance your beauty essentials. The products are clinically tested that are not only safe but also bring you results.


Citrine Natural Beauty

Citrine Natural Beauty Bar opened its first flagship store in Phoenix AZ in 2012. It quickly got popular for selling the best organic and natural products carrying lines such as Jane Iredale, Tata Harper, RMS beauty, May Lindstorm and many more.


They have knowledgeable highly trained staff. The owner provides the best customer service and also helps in finding the best products for your skin. They have some of the best natural skincare lines.




These above are some top 10 skincare lines for you to consider. So whenever you find yourself confused with what to pick.

Make sure to choose the brand that provides it all of what you need. Narrow down some top lines and then proceed to choose from them according to your likings.


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