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Microgreens Growing Kit – What You Need to Know

Product: Microgreens Growing Kit

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Microgreens are simply green vegetables, lettuce, and herbs that are harvested at a very young age, usually about one inch in size.

They may be tiny, but micro-greens are a huge trend, found everywhere, from local bistros to plastic-wrapped groceries and even in a wooden countertop planter.

You can add micro-vegetables to salads, sandwiches or stir-fries. Experiment with different mixes by adding the varieties you prefer.

They certainly deserve a place in your garden and, if you have limited space, they grow very well in containers. They will provide you with a quick harvest for little work.

So, if you have ever bought micro-greens, you know they are not cheap. But the good news is that it is easy to grow your micro-green, indoors or outdoors. You can also grow it in your office.

Just with a planter, you will be able to have your microgreens are grown anywhere you like. So, if you have decided to grow your microgreen seeds, this review will help you find a better microgreens growing kit for yourself.



Why you should have this Organic Microgreens Growing Kit for yourself

Are you looking for the best way to grow your microgreens?

This organic microgreens growing kit with a beautiful wooden countertop planter will provide you everything you need to successfully grow nutritious microgreens.

This kit provides you with an easy to follow instructions and other equipment such as wonder soil, organic microgreen seeds, and a spray bottle.


This kit with a beautiful wooden countertop planter has all you need to grow and have your microgreens harvested from the convenience of your home or office in just 10 days.

All you need is to put your kit near a window or in a room with regular ceiling lighting as microgreens need little or no light to grow.

it will undoubtedly help you save a lot of money that you spend regularly on different microgreens: easy to grow your own from the convenience of your home or office.

The unique thing about this product is the beautiful wooden planter it comes with.

This wooden planter will not only help you to successfully grow microgreens but will also provide your home or office with aesthetic pleasure and as well as beautify the environment.

The kit is also coming with pre-measured wonder soil fitted waterproof liner, and 2 oz of organic Sunflower Black Oil Microgreen Seeds.


You can also reuse this wooden planter and liner as many times as you like with easy refill kits that are included in the kit. These refill kits contain the exact right amount of soil and seeds for the wooden tray.

Therefore, buying the product will guarantee you 100% satisfaction as all the seeds included will have an excellent germination rate and are guaranteed to grow.



What you get with this kit

This kit comes with all the necessary things you would need to successfully grow your microgreens.

An easy to follow instructions are included in the kit to guide you on how to grow the microgreens.


Besides, wonder soil, organic microgreen seeds, and spray bottle are also included to make everything comfortable and easy for you.

You don’t need to disturb yourself about which soil is suitable for which seeds as both of them are included. Sunflower microgreens are included too as the producer’s favorite.

These sunflowers are large, substantial greens that are crunchy and contains pleasant nutty flavor. Besides, they are highly rich with Vitamins A, B complex, D, and E, iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, and phosphorus.

The kit is also coming with pre-measured wonder soil fitted waterproof liner, and 2 oz of organic Sunflower Black Oil Microgreen Seeds among others.



What Can You Develop as A Microgreen?

You can grow lettuce, green salad or herbs in micro-green form. It is easy to start with a prepackaged seed mix and you can search for specific microgreen mixes or simply choose a mixed mix for microgreen growth.


However, the following are some popular varieties of seeds you can grow as micro-greens:

  • Sunflower,
  • Peas,
  • Radish,
  • Salad Mix,
  • Mustard,
  • Kale,
  • Endive,
  • Rocket,
  • Beet leaves,
  • Spinach,
  • Tatsoi,
  • Greens of radish,
  • Cress,
  • Mizuna,
  • Cabbage,
  • Basil,
  • Lettuce, etc.




To order a microgreen growing kit, please click here.

Growing microgreens becomes an easy thing when having this organic microgreen growing kit with a beautiful wooden countertop planter. It comes with all the things you need to successfully grow your microgreen seeds.

The kit also comes with wonder soil, organic microgreen seeds, and a spray bottle, making it easy to carry out the growing process and have your microgreens harvested in 10 days.

A Few Final Thoughts

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