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Lined Dry Erase Boards: Large – Optimise Productivity

Managing any work or learning environment can be expensive and time-consuming when it comes to resources.

In this article we are going to look at the modern-day alternatives to chalkboards and paper: lined dry erase boards (large).

We will look at how they can improve productivity in your environment and how they can support you in living a greener life, whilst saving you time and money.

I will provide you with direct links to an in-depth product review for a lined dry erase board that I recommend.


What Are Lined Dry Erase Boards?

Whiteboards are a hard, often white surface that is used to make marking of the impermanent nature.

They have a much smoother surface that allows teachers (and pupils) to create and erase making at a more rapid rate.

Lined dry erase boards have permanent lines that promote neater handwriting and presentation. This, in turn, makes it easier for the audience to read what has been written down.


Erase boards have a similar function to traditional blackboards, however, they are more commonly found in today’s classrooms, offices, meeting rooms and other working environments.

They differ from electronic interactive whiteboards.


Improve Organization and Productivity

Erase boards improve teaching and working because they are easier to use, they come in a wide variety of sizes, are versatile and practical.

As a teacher I often had difficulties using chalkboards – the board was often dirty and needed a thorough clean, my duster was old and smudged chalk around instead of cleaning it, the chalks were often broken when I came to use them and I had to write at a certain angle in order for my writing to be eligible.


Then there were the boards with the large pads of paper. These were useful if you wanted to prepare a few different pages to use throughout a session, but flicking between the pages is a waste of time and paper.

In contrast, the smooth surface and simple design make erase boards easier to use. You simply take the lid off, write and then wipe clean when you are done!

They are faster to write on. This provides people with more time – who doesn’t like the sound of that?

Whether you are working in an office, teaching a class of students of revising for an exam… time is useful.

What would you do with more time?

Erase boards come in a variety of different sizes. Small ones can be used by individual pupils on the carpet.

Medium-sized ones are perfect for small group meetings and training environments.

Large ones can be used for whole-class scenarios with 10+ people.



The Green Benefits

Unlike most alternatives, once these boards have been produced and purchased, they can be used time and time again. They are made from durable materials and have a long shelf life.

Anything that lasts a long time is good for our environment as it reduces our use of the world’s natural resources.

Here at About Going Green as we strongly believe in preserving our planet’s natural resources.Lined-Dry-Erase-Boards-Large-Landfill

The most common alternative to dry erase boards in the paper. Paper is made from trees. It seems that we are cutting trees down faster than we are planting them. Yes, we can buy recycled paper, however, many professionals such as teachers are on tight budgets and simply cannot afford this luxury.


Yes, they may get a little dirty over time, but these smudges can easily be removed with an all-purpose vinegar-based cleaning product.

For more information on why you should choose natural cleaning products over toxic products that are commonly found on the shelves of most stores, please read my post titled ‘Go Green Cleaning Supplies’ here.


Saving You Time and Money

Buying erase boards, lined or unlined, is an investment. It will cost you more money upfront but it is likely to save you time and money in the future.


You will save money on the purchase of paper, which can be expensive, especially if you are funding a class, a school or even a cohort.



Where To Buy

Many places stock these great resources and everybody will have their shopping preferences.

I like to do my research before shopping. Be sure to check out my article review on the best erase board here in a couple of days.

A Few Final Thoughts

If you ever need a helping hand or have any questions on environmentally friendly office supplies or want to leave a comment, please do so in the space provided below.

I will be more than happy to answer them as best to my knowledge and would enjoy hearing from you.

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All the best,


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Reader Comments

  1. I’ve seen people use dry erase boards for years. They always seem to get stained; you just revealed the very simply and environmentally harmless way to clean them. Thank you! I bet teachers with whiteboards don’t get to share the glorious sound of fingernails on a chalkboard lol. I’m actually one of those people who was never bothered by the sound.

    1. You certainly are one of the lucky few, I couldn’t stand the sound.
      As a teacher, I found cleaning these boards so frustrating until I used the method I mention here.
      Al the best and thank you for reading.

  2. Hi Catherine! What a great article about whiteboards! I am a teacher and I made my own handmade blackboards so I didn’t have to use chart paper which comes from a valuable resource like trees. I think they are great ways to engage students and they are reusable which is awesome. I wonder if you could make homemade whiteboards as I did with my chalkboards?

  3. I was a teacher too, before I left my job to stay at home to look after my kids’ health, and started working from home.

    Even at home, I have a small dry erase board, which I use when I’m tutoring kids, or when I teach my own children stuff.

    Love the cleaning tip of using vinegar-based products, in fact I use just diluted vinegar for lots of things around the house, like windows, laminate floor, sinks, etc.

    1. Hi there Joo,
      It is such a small world. I loved my job but I find it difficult to have a career in teaching as well as a life outside of work.
      You are not the first person to mention the small dry erase boards on here, I will have to write a post on them too in the near future.
      Vinegar really is wonderful and I am happy to hear that you find it so versatile.
      Take care!

  4. Hey Catherine,

    I am an English teacher in China and I can’t agree more with you on not liking chalk boards. They are dirty, make me sneeze, and they are just obsolete in my opinion. My school has chalk boards, but they use water-soluble chalks that need water to clan them. This is actually worse than a regular chalk board. Instead of just dust, you now have water dripping everywhere, and the possibility of your water basin spilling all over the floor, which has happened to me!

    Every time I walk into a class with a whiteboard I get a little giddy inside; as silly as that sounds. They are so much cleaner and easier to read. If I ever make millions of dollars I am going to buy my school whiteboards for every classroom.

    Thanks for another great article!



    1. Hello Max,

      I hope this finds you well. I admire what you are doing out in China Max. It must be really frustrating to be using chalkboards and these ones sound particularly challenging. You are right about erase boards being easier to read. I also find them easier to write on too. I hope you make your millions so that you can buy the whiteboards this school would benefit from.

      All the best and I hope to hear from you soon.

  5. I definitely love the idea of using erase boards. So much more environmentally friendly than paper. I’ve never heard of lined dry erase boards but can see the benefits of improving handwriting. I remember blackboards from years ago, and the amount of chalk dust produced!

    1. Hello Kathy,

      I got one for my office at home and I love having it there to scribble notes on when I get ideas.
      I like how accessible these ideas then are, just on the wall for me to see at all times.
      I used notebooks too but I sometimes loose stuff inside it.
      Yes – chalkboards are very messy. It is surprising how many schools still use them.

      Thank you for reading.

  6. I just was looking into low waste options for going back to school. I had not thought of dry erase boards for personal use. Thank you for sharing! I must try these out, especially for all my sticky note to-do lists. This would work perfectly! And now that I think of it, my sister uses a white board calendar too.

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