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Kitchen Food Recycler – An All In One Food Composter

Product: Food Cycler Platinum Indoor Food Recycler and Kitchen Compost Container

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By installing a composter, you will be able to create a top-quality compost that will favor your garden while taking care of the environment.

Compost allows for a better distribution of kitchen waste in the soil that the roots of the plants in the soil needs for survival.

It is very common to make composters in our various homes since it is a way to recycle waste in an ecological practice such as compost.

However, composting these materials can also be carried out to preserve and protect the environment.










Composting plants are responsible for generating organic fertilizer through the use of composting machines, complex systems through which organic waste produced by living things is broken down through biological processes.

Small composters tend to be used for family use and serve to reuse and recycle organic waste and generate a high-quality natural and organic fertilizer to improve the quality of soil, thereby favoring the rapid growth of plants.

To make your compost, you would need to install an indoor composter in your home.

Having an indoor composter requires quality and efficient one to maintain hygiene and enhance the healthy living of your entire household.

That is why this article reviews one of the best indoor composter, Food Cycler Platinum Indoor Composter, to help you make the best option.


Why You Should have this Kitchen Food Recycler









Food cycler platinum indoor kitchen composter is a modern indoor kitchen composter that is easy to use and requires no water, chemicals, venting or draining.

It is odorless, environmentally friendly, easy to use and maintain, and take only three hours to get your kitchen wastes recycled:

In just three hours, the FoodCycler food recycler reduces your kitchen scraps by up to 90%. In their place, it produces a highly matured, nutrient-rich soil amendment that’s ideal for making your garden grow.

There will be nothing like pellets, enzymes or additives needed, all you need is to toss in your food waste, and it gets everything quickly cycled.

After recycling the kitchen waste, you will have a highly nutritious fertilizer that will enrich plants in your garden nutritiously.

This product features a removable dishwasher safe bucket that you can easily wash, thereby keeping the composter clean at all times.

This indoor food recycler and kitchen compost container come with Filter Monitoring System: you will never worry about when to change your filters again as the monitor will notify you.

The truth is that this all in one food composter is ideal for every hygienic home and makes composting kitchen waste a snap.












With it, composting kitchen waste becomes a child play: reduces the volume of kitchen waste by up to 90%. Besides, installing a Composter in your kitchen in your home you can make your natural fertilizer with your generated waste, helping to improve the texture of the soil.

Another unique thing about this product is that there is no venting, draining or additives required and it is 100% odorless and environmentally conscious kitchen compost container.

Unlike colossal landfills or a backyard compost pile, this composter does not attract any scavenger and it is lightweight, which makes it possible to be used everywhere.

This FoodCycler will no doubt help you save a lot of money as it helps reduce methane gas emissions.

Large and by, this product will take just a little time to than it takes to defrost a chicken in the process of composting all your kitchen wastes, including any food waste.



What can I dispose into this FoodCycler composter

This modern Food Cycler can accept virtually every waste from your kitchen. It is designed to be compatible with a large variety of foods. Some of these foods include but not limited to:

· Beans, Seeds & Legumes

· Cereals & Grains

· Cheese

· Coffe Grounds, Filters & Tea Bags

· Eggs + Egg Shells

· Fruit & Vegetable Scraps

· Meat, Fish, Shellfish & Poultry Scraps

· Pet Food

· Chicken & Fish Bones


How does it work?

This food cycler composter works effectively well and it is highly robust as well.

However, recycling takes three steps in composting any food waste:




Step 1

You will have to put all the leftover food scraps, cooked or uncooked into the removable waste bucket to start composting.

The Food Cycler composter will even compost bones, pits, shells, meat, and citrus rinds.



Step 2

After putting all the food wastes, then, Place the bucket inside the main unit, lock the lid, and begin processing.

Its agitators will then break down the food waste into small particles as quickly as possible, while it heats, decompose and sterilize the entire by-product.

The odor is also eliminated by the unique carbon filter filtration system, making it ideal for indoor usage. The unit will automatically shut off. ​



This is the last step of composting with this composter where the unit will automatically shut off the by-product after processing.

Then you will have to empty the directly into your garden or spread onto your lawn.


100% odorless, making it ideal indoor use.

Composts faster; within just three hours.

Highly effective and robust.

It is lightweight making it mobile.


There could be a dysfunction leading to health risk as it is indoor.




Food cycler platinum indoor kitchen composter is a compact as well as lightweight indoor food cycle composter that is both durable and robust.

It works effectively well and has the capacity of reducing all your food wastes to 90% just in three hours. It is odorless, easy to use and maintain and at the same time environmentally friendly.

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A Few Final Thoughts

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  1. Very impressed – just 3 hours and its done, no odor – its just amazing – great recommendation – wish it were available in Australia – What a great Christmas present that would be – Thank you !

  2. Sweet! I would love to have one of these. Still a little out of my price range, but I’m working on it. If more people had their own composters, I think the world would be much healthier. I hope more people read this and start recycling leftovers. 🙂

    1. Hi Cathy,
      I agree, the planet would be a lot healthier, especially if we were all using our own compost to grow our own vegetables.
      There are others at a cheaper price, please follow the link in the article and look around.

  3. Never heard of indoor composting. Normally my left over food/trash goes straight to the bin! Will this be able to really break down chicken bones? what about bones from say steak? And how much scraps can it take?

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