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Hemp Products Online – Best Place To Buy
Hemp is the lightest fabric you can find.

This gives the apparel and clothes a very lightweight and breathable feel with the fibers themselves, which weigh up to a 3rd less compared to woolen and cotton materials.

This is vital for all those who want comfort and travel a lot.

Hemp is a plant-based hydrophobic fiber. Some clothes made from hemp fiber can absorb water but most of them try to reflect water just like water on a leaf.

So, this means hemp apparel and clothes offer protection from various harsh weather conditions. It also protects people from spillage damage.

Hemp clothes absorb UV rays. It is resistant to wear away by the sun – as compared to fibers like silk and cotton.

This means hemp clothes and apparel maintains a vibrant and fresher look for longer. It can likewise protect a person from UV radiation.

Hemp is also very resistant and one of the few materials, which offer resistance to mold due to the way the hemp fibers are spun, its fiber stays clean, fresh, and vibrant for a long time.



It offers outstanding water resistance.

The hemp fiber also results in durable and long-lasting apparel for people who often suffer from wear and tear.

Hemp is a strong fiber and is up to four times as durable and strong as an alternative such as wool and cotton. This means that hemp apparel bears more weight and takes more damage as compared to other types of clothing.

Consequently, this makes hemp ideal for people who travel a lot and those who carry a lot and travel through hard conditions.

Hemp products are hard to come by and are more expensive than mainstream clothing, due to the quality.

Therefore, buying hemp products online can save you time and money.


Best Hemp Products Online

There are hundreds of hemp cloth products available online. However, not all of them offer you the highest quality material and health benefits.

Here are the 4 best hemp cloth products you can buy in 2019. They are made by a company called Soul Flower.


1. Hemp Products Online: T-shirt

The Hemp T-shirt is a durable and absorbable product made from 40 percent organic cotton and 60 percent viscose hemp. It is available in different sizes including small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of wearing this T-shirt is that the fabric is a great environmental win. Moreover, it is an eco-friendly and sustainable fabric in the world. Hemp-Products-Online-T-Shirt

The T-shirt is made in small spaces – in diverse climates, which does not require pesticides and chemicals than cotton. The material used in this T-shirt also uses over 50% less water for production.

This hemp shirt also feels great and over time, you will have a softer feeling rather than wearing out. The durability of the material in this T-shirt means that it will last longer – and you won’t have to replace this clothing product. So much so, the hemp T-shirt won’t end up in a dump.



2. Hemp Products Online: Shorts

Hemp shorts are made from hemp fabric and cotton. The blend is heavier and durable fabric, which will soften after some time and last longer. These men’s hemp shorts are a shorter version of the popular hemp pants.

It is great to wear in the summer days. You will feel comfortable and its elastic drawstring will provide loose fit. It comes with a flexible waist as well as has side pockets.

Hemp-Products-Online-ShortsYou can pair these shorts with a hemp T-shirt to have a more casual and relaxed look. The materials from which these shorts are made are harvested in Nepal and contain 40% cotton and 60% hemp.

Among organic fibers, the materials contained in this clothing product are one of the most durable and strongest. It is likewise easily blended with other fibers so that companies can produce hemp-hybrid material.

Therefore, hemp shorts are sturdy, lightweight, and absorbent. Hemp shorts have up to three times more tensile strength than clothes made up of cotton.

These hemp shorts are well-suited for outdoor wear since the durability of material helps the shorts stand up to severe weather conditions in summer.


3. Hemp Products Online: Pants

Hemp-Products-Online-PantsHemp pants are mid-weight pants, which you can wear all year round. You will feel comfortable because it is a loose fit with a great elastic drawstring waist as well as side pockets.

You can pair these pants with hemp T-shirts and other clothing products. Again, these pants are made from 60 percent hemp and 40 percent cotton.

When it comes to the advantages of this clothing product, first, it is so durable and tends to last for a longer period.

This makes it well-suited to different classic and versatile styles, which are suitable for years of wear. So much so, being strong, the material of these pants is resistant to microbes, mildew, and mold.



4. Hemp Products Online: Yoga Pants

Hemp Yoga Pants are made from the popular hemp plants, which contain viscose and Hemp-Products-Online-Yoga-Pantshemp for a much softer feel. These pants allow easy movements and you do exercise easily without any troubles.

So, if you lounge, walk, dance, and flow, these hemp yoga pants will fit your body and help you do different workouts easily.

The pants have front pockets and drawstring waist as well as a back pocket, which is present on the right side. This product is made from 20 percent cotton, 30% hemp, and 50% viscose.

These yoga pants have everything you are looking for in exercise attire or pants. The materials are produced sustainably from neutral colors and natural fibers.

The product also contains upper durable and stretchy hemp along with organic cotton fabric.



There are many hemp products online including clothes such as pants, T-shirts, shirts, shorts, etc.

Hemp is a natural plant offering a wide range of health benefits and the fiber of this plant is very resistant to UV light and other environmental hazards.

Considering this, companies are manufacturing different types of cloth from this material.

Most of these products contain a mixture of hemp and cotton, which allow the product to feel on the body much softer, easily breathable, and highly durable.

Lastly, we have reviewed 4 best hemp products online in this article. You can buy any of these products depending on your specific needs.



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  1. I am most definitely absolutely going to share this on my FB. I didn’t even know you could get hemp clothing. I just thought it was used to make rope! Thank you so much for sharing this amazing new information. 🙂

    1. Hemp is a wonder plant because it has so many different and incredible uses. The fact that it grows so quickly is remarkable too. I find it astonishing that it was condemned by so many before it really had its time to shine. Hopefully, it’s not too late. Thank you for sharing the post and I am glad that you enjoyed it. All the best!

  2. Hi Catherine, Thanks for your informative post. I know very little about hemp. I now know that you can make clothes from it. I was given some hemp hand lotion one Christmas. I don’t know much more. I do think it will become a more used product as time goes on.
    Thanks for the information.

    1. I think you are right Carolyn. In fact, we have seen an increase in the discovery of the plants many different uses over the past few decades. The understanding and acceptance of hemp have been discouraged because the plant was banned due to the criminalization of cannabis. thank you so much for reading.

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