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Heavy Duty Water Pumps – The Best Strength and Speed with Saniflo

Product: Saniflo 008 SANIVITE Gray Heavy Duty Water Pump

The Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon

Overall Height – Top to Bottom: 13.25″.

Overall Width – Side to Side: 14.5″.

Overall Depth – Front to Back: 7.25″.

Overall Product Weight: 21 lbs.

My Rating: 9.5/10

No matter where you are and regardless of the situation, water supply is something that everyone needs every day.

However, you need to find a water pump that does not just simply give you a water supply but one that gives you a strong and reliable water supply.

This means that you have to find a water pump with a balanced cost and efficiency.

Well, look no further because you have found one of, if not the best heavy-duty water pump that is available in the market today – the Saniflo 008 SANIVITE!

Heavy Duty Water Pumps – Saniflo 008 SANIVITE

It can discharge up to eighteen gallons of water per minute so that is enough for your water supply needs. It can make complex and physically taxing tasks simpler and easier.

Therefore, it can be considered as a wise investment because it helps you save valuable resources such as time and effort. There are resources that even money can’t buy.

Vertically, it can pump for up to sixteen feet high and horizontally, it can pump for up to one hundred fifty feet.

Saniflo 008 SANIVITE saves you from the following inconveniences and problems:

  • Coolant leaks
  • Loose pulleys
  • Annoying noises

What can the Saniflo 008 SANIVITE do for you?

Handle Heavy Duty Water Pumping Easily

While some water pumps can give you reliable water supply only for a short time, the Saniflo 008 SAINVITE gives you water supply as much and as long as you need it and as much and as long as you want it.

This is engineered to withstand extreme, heavy-duty water pumping needs.


It can Give you Flexibility.

You may have different needs and preferences on how to install your water pump and the SANIVITE anticipates such needs. Therefore, it comes with multiple inlets so you can easily install it wherever you want to and however you want to.

It can Give you Space.

Usually, water pumps are bulky and they usually take up a lot of space. You do not have to worry about such problems anymore because this amazing water pump is so small that it can fit even inside your kitchen cabinet.

You might even forget that it exists since you do not always see it, especially when placed inside the cabinet and it wouldn’t bother you at all. You will find it amazing how something so small can be so powerful.

It can give you Peace.

It does not make any annoying noises and that’s how it allows you to work in peace or just have quiet rest even as this water pump works. Without such worries, you can have a more pleasant time working or just resting in your home.

Heavy Duty Water Pumps – Easy Installation

It is very easy to install so you do not need to have advanced technical skills to install and use it so your utmost convenience and satisfaction is guaranteed. Get your Saniflo 008 SANIVITE now!

A Few Final Thoughts

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  1. Hello there. I have looked at your site and posts and It seems you know what you are talking about being eco friendly. I like the Information you provide and being so Informative to your readers. Well done From Ronald

  2. I’ve always had water pressure issues in the house and the current pump has been failing. I guess it’s due to aging. The Saniflo 008 SANIVITE seems like a decent pump worth checking out. Thanks for the info.

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