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Composting Tumbler – Your Online Review

Product: Composting Tumbler – Dual Rotating Outdoor Garden Compost Bin

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon

Size of Container: 43 Gallon

My Rating: 9/10



  • Dual Rotating Outdoor Garden Compost Bin,
  • Easy Turn
  • Enough Height
  • Heavy Duty Capacity Composter
  • Free shipping



  • The manual spinning of number (this is not a lot of work considering the results)



Having a garden around the house is no doubt a natural blessing that is highly beneficial to human health, and at the same time protect the environment.

To grow a garden at home, one needs to have compost for the production of natural nutrients needed to enhance plant growth in the garden.

Also, to compost, you must first define where you will store your waste.

Even if composting does not give off any unpleasant odors, it is essential to have a composter for a healthy environment and faster recycling.

This will help you recycle green waste from your home. Thus, you will use the compost as a natural fertilizer for your plants.









But how to choose the ideal composter for your outdoors might be tasking for some persons.

However, this article is meant to help you with a review of a high-quality composter that is both durable and robust.



What is composting All About?

Composting aims at enhancing a large part of the green waste of the home and the garden to produce a rich, natural and above all, free soil.

The technique consists of piling up all these wastes so that they undergo a natural degradation resulting from the work of the many organisms constituting the epigeal fauna and earthworms.

These are also easily recognizable because they are ringed.









This process, coupled with the degradation of lignin by fungi, provides a natural organic amendment.

Depending on its maturation, it can be rude or quite comparable to potting soil. It is then usable for all the plants of the garden and interior, after having mixed it with earth to avoid burning the roots.

In the garden, it can be spread directly at the foot of the plants.



Why You Should Have Dual Rotating Outdoor Garden Compost Bin

Compost your green waste in a modern and ecological way with this dual rotating outdoor garden compost bin.

This composting tumbler is highly efficient and easily turned. It has enough height and qualified as a heavy-duty capacity composter with the ability to carry 43 gallons.

With double chamber composters, this composting tumbler allows for continuous composting thanks to this feature, the composting chore becomes as simple as a child’s play.

This composter will help you transform leftover food or biodegradable waste such as branches and leaves into natural fertilizer; undoubtedly, you will save a lot on your purchases and garbage collection taxes.


Composting is a natural process and this dual rotating compost bin will help you influence that.

Kitchen waste and organic waste that you put in a composter chamber will be largely transformed into rich and nutritious compost, following a natural course, including decomposition by microorganisms in contact with oxygen.

Nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and limestone provide solid conditions for the blossoming of your flowers, fruits, and vegetables in your garden.

This rotary composter features rodent-proof design, durable construction, and excellent aeration.

Its aeration system mixes compost and allows for the needed airflow, while the double-wall panels absorb and retain heat which makes it ideal for fast recycling and those that don’t like mixing the organic waste in their traditional compost bin.

It is raised on black support in steel coating. The tank of the composter is thus suspended freely and can turn without difficulties: turns on axis for easy and balanced rotation. Rotations regularly mix the materials to be composted and provide enough oxygen.



Unique Features and Their Benefits









Dual Chamber Compost Bin: This heavy-duty capacity composter features a dual-chamber that allows for continuous composting. You only need to fill the second chamber while the first one nears the end of the composting process. Once it is emptied, then it becomes the one to be refilled while the other completes the cycle.

Aeration System:
Its aeration internal bar perfectly mixes compost and also allows for free airflow. The panels ensure good insulation, an optimal decomposition temperature will be reached, to accelerate and intensify the process.

Ingenious Tumbler Design: The design makes it so easy and balanced to be used. It turns on-axis and balance rotation, while its door with easy-slide helps in keeping track of every batch. This makes mixing easy and efficient: just close the door, then turn it 5-6 times every 2-3 days.

Easy to Assembly and Use:
An included user guide will guide you through the 12 simple steps on how to assemble the panels, which are provided with ventilation openings. You don’t need to be assisted by anyone else to get the composter assembled.










Convenient Loading Height:
This heavy-duty capacity composter has enough height that makes it convenient to turn the barrel, mix waste easily, and for fast batch composting.




This dual rotating outdoor garden compost bin is highly effective and easy to use, just operate it manually. Its dual chambers allow for continuous composting thereby making cycling faster.

The composter is heavy enough to contain all the waste from your kitchen and at most durable and robust.

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A Few Final Thoughts

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Reader Comments

  1. Our town is all about composting. We actually have to separate our disposal in such a way to make sure compost is separate. But my husband is now thinking of starting our own compost for our garden. you’ve presented some really neat ideas.

    1. Hello, I love that your town is doing that already. I think is really important that we are looking at this in terms of the bigger picture too. What a difference that must be making to landfills and I would imagine they are probably using it to make compost on a large scale too. Good luck with your composting at home!

  2. I am a huge believer in composting for so many reasons!

    Number one is it is so much healthier for your plants and especially veggie gardens.
    It makes the food you grow so much more nutritional.

    Another thing I like about composting is not throwing my fruit and veggie scraps in the trash. I go through so many because my diet is vegan. It saves on my garbage from filling up.

    My composter is a basic DIY one, but I so been wanting to invest in a tumbler style one to make my composting turn over quicker instead of waiting longer amounts of time for it to process.

    1. Hello Cindy,
      It is fantastic that you are already composting and reaping the nutritional and recycling benefits.
      I also had a DIY type but found maintaining the correct atmosphere to enable the fastest decomposition to be quite difficult.
      A tumbler has definitely sped things up for me.
      Thank you for reading and I hope to hear from you again soon.

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