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Compete Off Grid Power Systems – The Best Dual Power Controller

Product: MOES Dual Power Controller 50A 5500 Watt Automatic Transfer Switch for Off-Grid Solar Wind System ATS DC 12V 24V 48V AC 110V 220V

The Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon

My Rating: 8.5/10


Absolute Control

Having control over things is a great power that you can apply and use in just about anything including energy usage. When you have absolute control, you can personally assess the situation, consider your options, and make a smart decision.



That is why many people love the MOES Dual Power Controller. It gives them absolute control and the capability to make the best decision when it comes to your solar or wind system.


What makes the MOES Dual Power Controller the best controller for you?

While some devices exclusively work for either solar energy system or wind energy system, the MOES Dual Power Controller breaks such rules as it gives you control over both energy systems.


Consistent Power Supply

You can either use solar energy on sunny days and you can easily switch to the wind energy system if there is just isn’t enough sunlight.

This means that you get the energy supply that you need regardless of the weather. This device keeps your batteries protected so you can enjoy worry-free activities and finish tasks efficiently.



The MOES Dual Power Controller allows you to enjoy limitless power sources without having you suffer from any of the following:

  • Substandard materials leading to wastage of money
  • Complex operations leading to wastage of effort or energy
  • Inefficiency leading to wastage of resources

What does the MOES Dual Power Controller do for you?

It makes wise decisions on your behalf. It automatically makes adjustments to make sure that you will maximize the use of this powerful controller.


Its auto-distinguish feature adjusts to different weather and different situations.

Also, to maximize the use of this power controller, you are given control to set the recovery voltages as well as the cut-off.



It gives you options

Many people love how the solar panels give you solar energy which is a sustainable energy source. However, they would usually have one problem – cloudy days.

The MOES Dual Power Controller makes specific adjustments to use wind energy instead. That way, you get what the power supply that you need.


It switches discreetly

Even when it switches to wind energy or solar energy, you will not notice the change unlike with other systems when you would experience the lights flicking.



Updated Design with New Features

  • Newly Updated Max Power up to 11 kW
  • LCD Display
  • Smart Settings to Adjust the Voltage
  • 12v / 24v / 48v / 110v / 220 vAuto Distinguish
  • Multi-protection
  • Quick Installation



It costs less

Aside from its low price, you can also save money that you could have used on damaged batteries since your batteries are well-protected with the MOES Dual Power Controller.



It gives you a clear direction

Each dual power controller comes with complete tools as well as a comprehensive yet easy-to-understand and easy-to-follow user’s manual so you can easily set it up and use it.


While some controllers give you a long list of unrealistic promises, the MOES Dual Power Controller delivers on its promise. This is ideal for homes as well as offices so get your MOES Dual Power Controller right now.


A Few Final Thoughts

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