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Clean Windows With Vinegar – Cleaning The Healthy Natural Way

Cleaning windows allow for more natural light to enter your space – and prevent your home from appearing dark.

If you clean windows with vinegar regularly, it will help to eliminate pollutants and contaminants that have stuck on the window glass.

The particle buildup, which occurs on the windows can diminish your home’s air quality.


For example, mold can pose a health threat over time.

If the air in your home seems stagnant than usual, it is best to clean your windows, which can help to clear the air.

What are the benefits of cleaning with vinegar?

Vinegar is a great home-made cleaning choice for people because it is acidic, which can help you clean windows and cut through tough grime, grease, and mineral deposits.

Vinegar is not only helpful for cooking but it is also a great cleaner with incredible disinfectant properties because it contains acetic acid.

Vinegar has an acidic nature, which makes it powerful enough to dissolve dirt, grease, grime and mineral deposits.


Vinegar can kill environmental pollutants and allergens such as bacteria and fungus, which accumulate on the glass of the window at your home.

When you clean windows with vinegar, you will get fantastic results in a natural way.

Different types of vinegar are white distilled vinegar, white wine vinegar, balsamic vinegar, and the popular apple cider vinegar.


Why clean windows with vinegar works

It is no surprise to say that vinegar is a miracle natural product. This is why you should always clean windows with vinegar.

It is anti-bacterial and completely non-toxic, which is beneficial when it comes to cleaning any surface.


Not only does it kill germs and microbes but it is also a very economical product than other chemical cleaning solutions.

It is not harmful even if you have accidentally ingested or inhaled it.

So, if you have children at home and you are cleaning windows with the container or bottle open and one of your kids has touched or ingested it accidentally, you don’t need to worry at all.

So, this is what many moms like about this natural cleaner.

Vinegar has an acidic composition, which works quickly to breakdown any type of film, dirt, or grease that frequently accumulates on the surface of the glass.

Washing your windows using a solution containing vinegar, you will get optimal results, which are always free from streaks.

Besides, you get sparkling clean windows when you clean windows with vinegar.


Vinegar has 95% water and 5% acetic acid.

It is important to know that different types of vinegar have varied levels of acidity.

For instance, distilled white vinegar contains around 5% acidity – in contrast, champagne vinegar has slightly higher acidity levels – i.e. 6%. A 5% acidity level is good for many general or all-purpose cleaning including windows.

Due to the acetic acid content and a pH of 2.0, vinegar is considered an inhospitable environment for a wide range of microbes and environmental allergens.

Therefore, it is a great cleaner for your home or office – particularly, if you want clean and sparkling windows.


What will you need?

To clean windows with vinegar, you will need to mix distilled vinegar with hot water. You can clean your windows with a sponge, which is a good choice when it comes to moistening your windows.

Another type of cleaning method is known is “squeegee cleaning.”So, first, damp the squeegee and then use it to clean the window from top-down. Make sure, you wipe the squeegee edge after every stroke.

Also, you need to clean your windows when there is no direct sun. Rinse and dry the frames of the windows immediately after using vinegar on it to avoid any damage.

According to Green Living from the National Geographic, it is always better to make a simple recipe and they recommend mixing 50% tap water and 50% white distilled vinegar in a spray bottle.


Before spraying the water-vinegar mix on your window, if you feel the glass is extremely grimy, then it is good to prewash the window with soapy water.

Next, you can spray vinegar mix on the window to remove allergens, dirt, mold, or any other environmental pollutant to give your windows a clean and shiny appearance.

What I like about using vinegar to clean windows

I have been using vinegar for many years to clean my home’s windows and the best thing I like about it is that it is free from chemicals and 100% organic, which means that it is not harmful to my health and the well being of my family.

This is the number one reason why I clean windows with vinegar.

At the same time, it is easy to make the vinegar and water solution – no hassle at all. I use white cotton gloves to clean my windows.

I dip my gloved hands in a 50-50 solution of white vinegar with hot water and then clean the windows by simply sliding my gloved hands’ fingers simultaneously down on each side.

Moreover, vinegar is way cheaper than most store-bought cleaning products.



Pet Safe!


Another thing I like about vinegar is that it is good for the environment and I can use it over and over – particularly – the bottle.

Also, besides windows, I can use vinegar on many surfaces.

It does not ruin my clothes in case I spill it on myself while cleaning.

What I don’t like about using vinegar to clean windows

So what are the things I don’t like when I clean windows with vinegar?

First and foremost is the smell of the vinegar, although this is something that has changed now that I use it regularly. It now smells fresh and clean.


I have also noticed that the smell of the vinegar does go away after using it.

Sometimes, it does not cut through tough grease like other commercial products.

Despite these, vinegar is an excellent and natural product, which I like to clean windows.



When it comes to cleaning windows with vinegar, the pros have significantly outweighed the cons.

Sometimes, I feel that the smell is very strong but at the same time, I must say that the smell can dissipate quickly in the air.

Therefore, I burn a candle while cleaning the windows.

Moreover, it is advisable to use extracts like orange and lemon to help with the strong smell.

Furthermore, as for cutting the grease, it is recommended to prewash your windows with hot soapy water and clean the surface of the windows twice.

Good Luck!


A Few Final Thoughts

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Reader Comments

  1. My mom always used vinegar on windows agree that dose a great job for cleaning and is natural product anti fungal as well so wonderful cleaning didn’t realize all the reasons for using vinegar so learn something new.

  2. Oh my goodness, yessss. I love vinegar for so many things!

    I’ve been using the mixture you mention above (50/50 vinegar to water) for the past year to clean the windows, countertops, bathroom, etc in my home. In addition to being significantly cheaper than commercial cleaning products, I also feel so much better knowing exactly what is in my cleaner!

    I love to mix it with various essential oils to help mask the smell – orange is one of my favourites, but I also love eucalyptus!

    Thanks for sharing this info with everyone!

    1. I am so pleased that you too enjoy cleaning with vinegar. Yes, the essential oils are key. Not only do they help with the cleaning (most citrus essential oils have antibacterial properties) but they also help mask the smell.

  3. cleaning windows with vinegar is a great option. The glass cleaners today are quite dangerous to our environment and to the painted items around the glass. I have used vinegar with a newspaper, this helps with streaking, for a long time with a good amount of success.
    Do you think the vinegar helps keep the glass clean better than regular window cleaners or is it just good for cleaning? If using on the interior of a vehicle, what is the best way to get rid of the odor?

    1. I have too tried the newspaper and I also like it. Vinegar is good for cleaning in general as it has antibacterial properties. The distinction between vinegar and cleaning products is the fact that vinegar is natural and causes less harm to us, our families and our environment.

      With regard to the odor, I would recommend watering the vinegar down (1:3 vinegar and water ratio) and adding a few drops of citrus essential oils. I hope this helps.

  4. I’ve heard this advice before, but I’ve been neglecting it, which is shameful. The chemical brand from Dollar General is super cheap and easy to use. BUT I know it’s not nearly as wholesome, and the cat hates it. I need to just quit being a scrooge and buy some vinegar. Diluting it makes it last longer.
    I’m wondering if you follow the newspaper method? I know people who swear by it, but I agree with you on the sponge or even paper towels made from recycled paper.

    1. I have to be honest with you – I really do believe that buying a gallon of vinegar is going to work out cheaper than dollar store cleaning products. I recommend equal parts of vinegar and water and water is free. Plus, as you say, it will be more wholesome. With regards to cleaning materials, I think it comes down to personal preference. I have tried both but prefer sponge. I won’t waste paper towels but if I were to use a paper product, I would use an old newspaper that is going to be recycled anyway. I hope this helps.

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