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Best Natural Cleaning Products – What You Need to Know

Product: Puracy Natural Home Cleaning Set, Organic Household Cleaners and Hypoallergenic Soaps (5-Pack)

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A clean home not only keeps the environment healthy and attractive, but it makes the space enjoyable.

Hence, cleaning your home with natural products makes it healthier, easy and cheap thanks to some essential and good cleaning products that are from renewable sources found in nature.

It is hard to believe that some most used cleaning products contain toxic chemical ingredients!


Close contact with synthetic ingredients such as these pose serious health concerns.

For an instant, phthalates that are endocrine disruptors, and alter the hormonal balance.

They are present in all those products with “fragrances” and “perfumes”, from multipurpose cleaners to dishwashers. And also in many personal hygiene items.

Upon realization of the health risks imposed by these chemically made products recently, organic home cleaning soaps become the choice of many households.

This is a clear indication that natural ingredients can perfectly replace all conventional cleaning products as they are very effective when used.

Thus, this article reviews a set of the best natural home cleaning product that will help you keep your home clean without any chemical or side effect, Puracy Natural Home Cleaning Set.


Why You Should Have the Best Natural Cleaning Products

Puracy Natural Home Cleaning Set is a set of natural stain remover, dish soap derived from plant-based non-toxic green tea and lime.

This product is 100%free from any chemical or toxic substances, making it ideal for those looking for an efficient alternate home cleaner to chemically made products.

The product is specially made bearing in mind the health of your entire household: safe for children and pets.

Having a set of these Organic Household Cleaners and Hypoallergenic Soaps will be a safer, sustainable, and more effective way to care for your home and that of your entire household as no toxic substances are included.

All the ingredients used during the production process are found in nature and are all renewable sources with absolutely no petroleum compounds.

Some of these natural ingredients include coconut, lime, salt, olive oil, and sunflower seed.


Besides, green tea, geranium, corn, ginseng, pink grapefruit, sesame seed, vanilla bean, and many more ingredients are also included.

These ingredients are properly refined to produce a healthy and skin-friendly home cleaner.

Another unique thing about these set of cleaners is that they are biodegradable, while the bottles are recyclable.

And their refill pouches save in plastic, water, and energy. These features make the products unique, superior over others and more importantly, popularly used by many lovers of natural home cleaners.


Health and Environmental Benefits Using Natural Home Cleaner

Having a home cleaning soap like this one, Puracy natural home cleaning set, is no doubt have a lot of benefits; both healthy and environmental.

However, we would like to use some comparisons of these natural products with chemical home cleaners to illustrate the benefits.


Health Benefits of Natural Home Cleaner

Best-Natural-Cleaning-Products-BenefitsWe all like to have our house and our clothes clean. We also attach great importance to hygiene, since we want to keep viruses and bacteria at bay so that they do not cause us diseases.

Therefore, we often use very aggressive cleaning products for disinfection.

What however few considered so. But the fact remains that continuous exposure of our body to these chemicals, often highly toxic, can eventually cause serious illness such as skin cancer.

And this is not exaggerated. We would just review some common components of these conventional cleaning products:

Cationic surfactants: They cause skin diseases since they alter their natural balance.

Formaldehyde: They cause allergies, irritate the mucous membranes and are also suspected of causing cancer. It is even believed that they can cause tiredness and depression.

Perfumes and fragrances: They are created by mixing different substances, many of chemical or synthetic origin. Some, such as benzyl alcohol, linalool or benzyl acetate, are very dangerous to health. In addition to being irritating, they can cause damage to the central nervous system.

Volatile organic compounds: They are derived from hydrocarbons that are related to different types of cancer, including breast cancer and are also suspected of causing damage to internal organs such as the liver and kidney.

Halogenated compounds: They are also in the spotlight because they are believed to cause allergies and cancer.

It is therefore evident that traditional cleaners, detergents, and softeners are often dangerous chemical cocktails, which include highly toxic substances. An added problem is that we frequently apply these products in enclosed spaces where they remain for a long time.

The remains, which are deposited in clothing or bedding, also remain in our skin for hours, therefore being easily absorbed.

In natural home cleaning products like this set of Puracy natural home cleaning, these toxins are replaced by harmless alternatives that are not less effective.

Some common ingredients are natural soaps, extracts of vegetable fats or essential oils of plants.


Environment Benefits of Natural Home Cleaner


As you can imagine, the toxic chemicals used in conventional cleaners and detergents can not only adversely affect our health, they are equally harmful to the environment.

Many of the ingredients in conventional detergents are not biodegradable at all or require an excessively long time to be assimilated by nature.

In this way, a lot of toxic substances end up in our rivers and lakes and seep into the groundwater.

An important part of these components can also not be eliminated by treatment plants or only partially. In other cases, the purification process generates waste in the form of toxic sludge that is difficult to recycle.

One of the most problematic ingredients of cleaning products is phosphates. Known for being also used as fertilizers, they stimulate the excessive growth of algae in the aquatic environment.

This ends the oxygen in rivers and lakes and muddies, causing the death of many other aquatic organisms. It is an increasingly worrying phenomenon known as eutrophication.

Therefore, the choice of ecological cleaning products is a very important decision for the future of our watercourses and in general for life on earth.



Highly effective.

No harsh chemicals included.

Made of 100% natural ingredients.

Safe for children and pets.


There is a biodegradable preservative that could potentially be toxic.



We have seen, therefore, that using natural home cleaning products, we are not only avoiding contaminating our home with dangerous toxic substances.

We will also be making a responsible choice for the environment and the future of the planet.

However, having these 5 sets of Puracy natural home cleaners and hypoallergenic soaps will help you keep your home constantly clean and at most enhance healthy living for all your household.


A Few Final Thoughts

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Reader Comments

  1. Wow – so much information – what a great way to focus on making my household another contributor to our push for a greener world!! Thank you for this info 🙂

  2. Thanks for the informative post.

    So many people just do not understand how dangerous most of the common products they buy and use every day in their homes and on their bodies.

    I received a diagnosis of cancer two years ago, and I stopped as many unnatural products that I could. I started using very basic simple ingredient products to cut down on toxins in and around my body.

    Our homes are a huge toxic chemical container if the truth be known. From the carpets on the floors to the dust collecting draperies on the walls.

    We can’t live in a sanitized bubble by no means but we can reduce toxins by using more pure environmental and healthier for our body products.

    Be proactive in your personal health, use healthier products on your bodies and in your homes.

    1. Hello again Cindy,
      You are right – so many people are unaware of the dangers of many household cleaning products that line the shelves of everyday stores. Opting for green products will help our homes to be cleaner and healthier spaces. I am so sorry to hear of your diagnosis and think you have made a great decision reducing the toxins in your environment.
      Take care of yourself, our health is priceless.

  3. This is so helpful! It’s nice to know there are good products that can be used to clean-up house and be environmentally friendly at the same time! I didn’t know that halogenated compounds could be so harmful either, thanks!

  4. Hi Catherine.

    Thank you for all that information. I have to say I am never satisfied when it comes to buying household products, I am trying something different every month. Also, I had no idea that these chemicals could cause hormonal imbalances. I am relieved to find in your article that there are safer options that are also not harmful to children because now that the little ones can get through the childproof, it is not as easy to keep them out of the cabinets.

    1. Hi Katelyn,

      Thank you for reading. I hope that it was useful and that you find these products satisfying.
      I would love to hear back from you in the future about your experiences using them.

  5. Hi Catherine,

    Fantastic post. I’ve always been pro-green, particularly around household cleaners etc. One thing that really caught my attention was the section about Health Benefits – it’s really an eye-opener to see what unseen impact these everyday household cleaners etc. have. Most people just don’t even think or consider this.

    All the best.

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