Nov 012019
Best Anti Aging Facial Moisturizers – Your Online Review

Product: Just Nutritive Anti-Aging Facial Lotion

The Cheapest Place to Buy:

Price: $29.99

Size: 8 oz

My Rating: 9/10


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Personal Experience 

In the modeling world, you need to always look perfect and camera ready, therefore I was looking for a product for my friend to help her get rid of her wrinkles and fine lines.

I came to know about this Anti-Aging Lotion from a beautician friend of mine and she saw some amazing effects after using this lotion. So, I took her word for it and purchased it.

I gave this lotion to my friend and told her to use it daily after showering. One week goes by and she came back to me saying that this is the solution to all her problems.

Her fine lines and wrinkles were reduced to a great extent. She was very pleased with lotion and further recommended it to her model friends.

The lotion wasn’t like the other lotions she tried, it wasn’t irritative on the skin at all and didn’t make the skin oily as well, also the other lotions caused dryness on the skin.

The winning point of this lotion was that after applying the lotion it didn’t felt like she had applied a lotion.

I was so happy for her. Because of this experience, I can assure another buyer’s that the product is genuine and does have anti-aging properties as it says on the website.

I definitely recommend this product to others based on the client’s feedback.


Nutritive Ingredients


Made by Hand, the Old-fashioned Way




Made simple, made with love



You pay more for natural, homemade products. However, I believe this is because you are paying for a higher quality product and therefore think the price they charge is very reasonable.


A Few Final Thoughts

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    1. Hi Geri, I agree with you. I try to stick to natural and organic products as often as possible. The products are of higher quality and often cost more to produce and therefore you will end up spending more money on them. I personally feel that it is non-natural and non-organic products that are overpriced (or wages are just too low for today’s economy). Some times it is too expensive to use organic or natural all the time so I prioritize by thinking ‘what is most important to me’ and usually skincare comes under this. I hope this helps.

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