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Best Anti Aging Facial Moisturizers – Your Online Review

Product: Just Nutritive Anti-Aging Facial Lotion

The Cheapest Place to Buy:

Price: $29.99

Size: 8 oz

My Rating: 9/10


Have you been searching for the best anti aging facial moisturizers? Well… look no further! This article is going to show you why Just Nutritive has the best product.


Best Anti Aging Facial Moisturizers: Company Overview 

Just Nutritive is a natural skincare and hair company that produces and exports a wide range of products.

It is a global business, which imports and exports a large number of products – for instance, skincare bases, cosmetics, raw materials, ingredients, skincare, and hair care products packaging.


The company is committed to providing consumers with natural products that would enhance their health and wellbeing.

The company believes in a healthy environment is the only way to make the world green again. This is why eco-friendliness is the core foundation of Just Nutritive Company.

Not only the Company works towards producing high-quality natural skincare and hair products but it also spread awareness of environmental-friendly practices.


One of the reasons why there is such a remarkable amount of facial moisturizers is precise because manufacturers offer all kinds of treatments with which to take care of the skin and obtain different benefits.

Therefore, the first element to consider in any comparison of facial moisturizers is, then, the function or objective they pursue. Moisturizers have been designed to take care of your skin and give it the necessary nutrients so that the face looks better.

They can be used as a day cream or as a night cream since its purpose is to hydrate the skin as a whole. In this case, it is important to find a product adapted to your skin type, since the needs of dry skin are not the same as those of oily or mixed skin.

Another usual treatment is firming. This is designed to fill wrinkles, firm the skin and even remove spots, etc. In this sense, there are different formulas with all kinds of effects.



Best Anti Aging Facial Moisturizers: Personal Experience 

In the modeling world, you need to always look perfect and camera ready, therefore I was looking for a product for my friend to help her get rid of her wrinkles and fine lines.

I came to know about this Anti-Aging Lotion from a beautician friend of mine and she saw some amazing effects after using this lotion. So, I took her word for it and purchased it.

I gave this lotion to my friend and told her to use it daily after showering. One week goes by and she came back to me saying that this is the solution to all her problems.


Her fine lines and wrinkles were reduced to a great extent. She was very pleased with lotion and further recommended it to her model friends.

The lotion wasn’t like the other lotions she tried, it wasn’t irritative on the skin at all and didn’t make the skin oily as well, also the other lotions caused dryness on the skin.

The winning point of this lotion was that after applying the lotion it didn’t felt like she had applied a lotion.

I was so happy for her. Because of this experience, I can assure another buyer’s that the product is genuine and does have anti-aging properties as it says on the website.

I recommend this product to others based on the client’s feedback.


Best Anti Aging Facial Moisturizers: Pro’s

Nutritive Ingredients

One of the aspects that you cannot overlook in any beauty product is that its active ingredients are of quality. Remember that everything you apply on your skin will be absorbed, hence you should thoroughly examine the qualities of the facial cream in question.

In this context, this moisturizer is hardly a rival. It is a lotion that allows you to enjoy a cleaner and renewed face, which can be explained because it contains antioxidants and emollients that moisturize and restore the balance of the face.

In the same way, it has other natural components such as cucumber that brings freshness and luminosity to the skin. The trajectory of this moisturizer is linked to its commitment to high-quality ingredients, which do not cause any damage to the skin.

This moisturizer is free of parabens, phthalates and has no artificial aroma. These features make it possible to apply on sensitive skin.


Made by Hand, the Old-fashioned Way

The Manufacturer of this anti-aging facial moisturizer does not use the modern and chemical-based procedures to make facial moisturizers.

The company uses natural ways to make the best facial moisturizer.

This way, they avoid the use of chemicals and thus reduce yielding by-products into the environment.




Made simple, made with love



Best Anti Aging Facial Moisturizers: Con’s

You pay more for natural, homemade products.

However, I believe this is because you are paying for a higher quality product and therefore think the price they charge is very reasonable.


How to use Just Nutritive Anti-Aging Facial Lotion

Facial lotions have been designed to give the face special care. The benefits and effects of each model will depend mainly on the ingredients, although it also has a lot to do with the way you apply the cream.

So you do not doubt how to do it, we tell you below how to use a step-by-step facial cream.

The skin must be perfectly clean. For this, it is essential to eliminate possible traces of makeup using an appropriate make-up remover or with water.

If the face is clean of makeup, cleaning can be limited to the use of soap and water or some general cleanser depending on the type of skin. The main idea is to leave the skin as clean as possible so that the cream can be absorbed more efficiently.

When applying facial moisturizers, some face massagers can also be used for this purpose. These products combine massage with a special accessory that facilitates the proper distribution of the cream we use.

However, they are not suitable gadgets for specific moisturizers, such as those used for the eye contour or in complex areas of the face, in which case hand application is recommended.

If you don’t have one of these massagers, don’t worry, it’s not essential either. With a good manual application technique, the cream will also have the desired effect.



A Few Final Thoughts

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Reader Comments

    1. Hi Geri, I agree with you. I try to stick to natural and organic products as often as possible. The products are of higher quality and often cost more to produce and therefore you will end up spending more money on them. I personally feel that it is non-natural and non-organic products that are overpriced (or wages are just too low for today’s economy). Some times it is too expensive to use organic or natural all the time so I prioritize by thinking ‘what is most important to me’ and usually skincare comes under this. I hope this helps.

  1. The idea of a natural product is very appealing. I can definitely relate that it has been very difficult to find a moisturizer out there that doesn’t leave my face feeling drier than before I used it, ironic I know. I also felt the need to make a note on the price point. For a natural product, this price seems very fair and in some cases more friendly than the products you find on a store shelf.

    I do want to ask though, do you feel it is necessary for a product to contain Retinol to be effective? Is there a natural ingredient out there that can serve the same purpose?

    1. This product does not contain retinol. See the ingredient list here.

      People often choose products that do not contain retinol because of the side effects it can have – dryness, breakouts and flakiness. It can even cause miscarriage.

      In answer to your question Amber – yes, there are several natural alternatives to retinol and this product contains one of them.

      For more information on natural alternatives to retinol, please read this.

  2. Great article! People really need to think about what they are putting on their skin as it is absorbed into their system.

    I have leaned towards all natural and organic products for several years now and have found that they can be more expensive. When you think of all the negative effects that come with chemically infused products though, I like to think of the extra cost as a type of health insurance.

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