Jan 052020
Benefits Of Electric Cars – Power Your Decision

The electric vehicle, also known as the electric car, uses energy that is stored in the rechargeable batteries.

These batteries can be recharged by household electricity.

Compared to a hybrid car, which uses both battery and gasoline to improve efficiency – the electric car is exclusively powered by electricity.

There are various reasons to buy an electric car.

For instance, energy independence, environmental stewardship, and lower fuel costs are all the best reasons to buy an electric car.

In this article, we will talk about the benefits of electric cars.

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Reduce The Cost Of Fuel

We all know that regular trips to the gas stations for fueling up your car can be very expensive – particularly when the prices of gasoline are constantly getting higher.


When you choose an electric car, you won’t pay for the expensive gasoline and you won’t be at the mercy of high gas prices.

It is because electricity is way cheaper than gasoline.

The price of the electricity is also at a stable price point, which means that fast swings in prices can be diminished by going electric.

In addition, you can decrease your costs further through a rooftop solar panel in order to charge your electric car.

Producing your own electricity is almost free and this way, you can avoid the high electric bill – just by plugging the electric vehicle’s batteries into the grid.


When it comes to the generation of electricity, it has remarkable flexibility and it is possible to remove the costs of fuel from your life entirely.


Hybrid Cars

Unlike other electric cars, we have plug-in hybrid cars, which come with a fuel backup in order to power the car in case the battery runs out of charge.

Well, the battery running out of charge is a situation that occurs rarely.

There are no costs for charging the car as well as refueling. Hybrid electric cars use fuel efficiency as compared to conventional gasoline-based cars.


Similarly, plug-in hybrid cars use 60% less gasoline than other types of engines that are primarily powered by gasoline.

The internal combustion engine of the hybrid car is used for recharging the battery of the car – thus, it saves on electricity costs plus decreases the time period of charging.


Reduce Car Emissions

Historically, human beings have a negative impact on the environment.

So, when they switch to electric cars, it is one of the best ways to decrease damage to Mother Nature.


Traditional vehicles were designed in such a way that they would produce carbon dioxide emissions, which can cause greenhouse gases in the climate and accelerate environmental change.

So, electric cars – on the other hand – do not release carbon dioxide in the environment while you drive them because such a cars use batteries to significantly improve the distance that you usually travel by car the engine of which is powered by gasoline.

You can fuel your electric car by electricity from renewable energy sources – for instance, hydropower, wind, and solar – while the production of gasoline involves extraction and transportation processes.


Environmentally Friendly


Moreover, electric cars are built to be more eco-friendly as compared to conventional cars – as the electric car has a large battery, which can be recycled.

When you choose an electric car, you will actually reduce pollution and carbon footprint as well as help to preserve the natural environment.

Electric cars usually produce less carbon dioxide emissions as compared to cars, which are powered by gasoline. Nonetheless, it is important to know that not all sources of electricity are created equal.

If you are looking for an eco-friendly car, there is nothing better than purchasing an electric vehicle, which can use energy from renewable resources – for example, they are geothermal, wind, and solar energy.


Renewable Sources


The efficiency of electric cars is pretty much higher than traditional vehicles powered by gasoline.

When the gasoline in traditional cars combusts to produce power, around 21% of the energy is transformed into power for the car.

On the other hand, electric cars are capable of converting around 60% of the electric energy to power for the car.

So, the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions is a step forward toward the green environment, which means contributing to the well-being of Mother Nature.


Become Energy Independent

When you own a conventional car, it means you are tied to the gas pump – and the only way you can fuel your vehicle is by buying gasoline.

On the other hand, you can fuel your electric car by connecting the grid and you can produce electricity through different generation methods.

Renewable in nature

More interestingly, electric cars allow you to be more energy independent – because the installation of electricity generation, which is renewable in nature – such as using solar panels to fuel your car is much better than sticking to the intense processes associated with conventional cars.

So, when you pair a solar PV system with your electric car, you actually become more energy independent and thus produce electricity free of cost – because it comes from the sun and you can use this energy to power your electric car – rather than buying expensive fuel at the gas station.

Solar Power

Electric cars and solar panels are a great match and it is no surprise to tell you that this match was/is made in heaven.


Therefore, installing a solar energy system at your home won’t only charge your home but also power your electric car. This way, you will have emission-free transportation.

You need to know that the cost of solar panels is decreasing at a faster rate and therefore, companies like Nissan and Tesla are manufacturing cars based on solar electric energy for our daily use.

It is important that you install a larger solar panel system to power your home as well as your car and this is a great option within your reach.


Save Time & Money


Whether you tend to purchase an electric car or install a great solar panel system along with an electric car charging station, you will save a lot of money and time.

This is one of the best ways to achieve energy independence.


A Few Final Thoughts

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Reader Comments

  1. Great info in this article! I had no idea you can charge your electric vehicle with solar panels from your home. This is definitely the way of the future!

  2. Hi EcoCatherine, firstly thank you for writing about the benefits of electric cars and also demonstrating the difference with hybrid and electric cars. I think with the way things are going in the world nowadays, it would be unwise of individuals to think that we should not get electric cars. However, do you think the cost of electric cars will go down faster in order to encourage more individuals to use them?

    1. In some countries, this is already happening. I was surprised to find out that it is even happening here in the USA!

      For example, it federal Internal Revenue Service is giving up to $7,500 per new plug-in electric vehicles purchased to be used within the USA. The amount you receive will depend on the type of car you purchase and the size of the vehicle’s battery. To learn more about the rates for different vehicles, please click here.

      I believe several other countries have a similar incentive program, but many people are just unaware of it.

  3. Excellent post!
    The more I learn about electric vehicles, the more I want to buy.
    Right now Tesla’s are the only electric vehicle I would consider purchasing. But need to make a lot more money to be able to afford one.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Dave, I think Tesla is doing an amazing job and hopefully, their prices will start to drop in the future. Rght now they are pretty new to the market. Thank you and I hope to hear from you again.

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